Answer #109. "Do you want it to look like the picture?"

The answer for Steve's Stay-at-Home Coronavirus Quiz for March 21, 2020.


If you have not read Quiz #109. “Do you want it to look like the picture?” just yet, you’re about to read the answer to the “What did NOT happen?” question from that quiz.

Here’s the answer:

What did NOT happen?

A. Sara started out our adventure Saturday by getting her hair cut in the backyard of a woman who used to work at a salon that Sara went to for year;

B. In looking through past quizzes, I noticed that on March 20, 2020, I wrote about my first experience with Zoom in Quiz #7. Zoom.  On Saturday, March 20, 2021, I set up a Zoom for a friend.  That Zoom had people from six different countries;

C. Betsy, a school teacher in our town, got a vaccine last Sunday after parents from the PTA went on web-sites at 4AM to get vaccination appointments for our town’s teachers who are now eligible to get them in New Jersey;

D. Betsy is a volleyball coach for the JV team at our local high school.  They had their first two matches this week.  They’re 2-0;

E. With the start of March Madness, I am only running one NCAA pool this year.  Given the complications of coronavirus and the possibility of canceled games (there has already been one), I followed the example of a friend and decided not to run the pool with entry fees and prize money.  Those playing are being asked to donate to charity instead as we play for pride.

One thing at a time.

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