Answer #110. 28 Days

The answer to Steve's Stay-at-Home Coronavirus Quiz for Tuesday, April 6, 2021.


If you have not read Quiz #110. 28 Days just yet, you’re about to read the answer to the “What did NOT happen?” question from that quiz.

Here’s the answer:

What did NOT happen? 

A. Two weeks ago, an unusual battery in a remote control switch went dead.  I ordered a replacement battery from Target and paid $10 to have it delivered that day.  I also decided to order some Easter candy for Sara as a surprise.  I hid it in a Target bag, but on Easter Sunday morning, I could not find where I had hidden the bag with Sara’s candy;

B. Betsy is the coach of our town’s Girls JV volleyball team.  They’re 7-1 and playing in the quarterfinals for the county championship;

C. As part of my photo scanning project, I came across photos from 1991 of my mother pushing Ted on a bicycle while she was smoking a cigarette. He was wearing a helmet;

D. On an Easter weekend Zoom, granddaughter Turner told us that her favorite color is red;

E. In a day-after-Easter photo, granddaughter Marin wore a Phillies t-shirt.

My mother was smoking a cigarette, pushing Ted on his bicycle—and he was not wearing a helmet.

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