Answer #77. "Some Pig"

Steve's Stay-at-Home Coronavirus Quiz for August 1, 2020


If you have not read Quiz #77. “Some Pig” just yet, you’re about to read the answer to the “What did NOT happen?” question from that quiz.

Here’s the answer:

What did NOT happen?

A. Will made dinner for Sara and me on Friday night, July 31st.  He made home-made pizza using a new pizza stone after the first one he got as a left-over giveaway cracked;

B. After dinner, Sara and I sat on the back deck with the Northeast heat wave finally broken.  Happy the dog was so happy to be outside with us that she made her way into my lap. At 55 pounds, she’s not a lap dog, but she was, well, happy;

C. In my Saturday phone call this morning with my siblings, my sister Ginny told me how she and her husband Larry had gone to a local cat shelter to walk a cat in a cat stroller during the pandemic;

D. In that phone call, Ginny told me that she and Larry had watched “Palm Springs” on my recommendation. They did not like it;

E. I have only heard from one reader, Nicole, a camp friend of Sara’s, who emailed me directly to let me know that she had laughed out loud when she’d watched “Homemade” on Netflix which I had recommended in Quiz #74. “Turd.”  Nicole said she appreciated my not giving away the punch line in one of the funnier moments from “Homemade,” a series of 17 short films made “at home” during the pandemic.

I am sorry to say that I have not heard from any readers who have watched “Homemade.” If you do see it, please let me know what you think. The Pope skinny-dipping with the Queen.


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