Answer #99. Numbers

The answer for Steve's Stay-at-Home Coronavirus Quiz for December 29, 2020.


If you have not read Quiz #99. Numbers just yet, you’re about to read the answer to the “What did NOT happen?” question from that quiz.

Here’s the answer:

What did NOT happen in 2020?

A. I ordered a “Plaster Magic” kit from Amazon;

B. I ordered a rope with a floatation device at the end from Amazon;

C. I ordered extra ceramic light bulbs for our outdoor Christmas lights from Amazon;

D. Sara ordered a Fleetwood Mac compilation CD from Amazon;

E. Sara ordered “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama from Amazon.

For Christmas, we each ordered a book for ourselves from Amazon. My choice was “The Cold Mountains.” Sara picked “Hope Dies Last” by Studs Turkel.  We plan on reading the Obama book but have not ordered it yet.

As for some of the other things here, Sara is skeptical about any product with “magic” in the title, but I watched a YouTube video and think the “Plastic Magic” kit will be great for the bubbles that have emerged on the 100-year-old plaster walls in our house. The floatation rope is for the river behind our house.

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